When?       December 1, 2014: 10 am to 6 pm

True?            Van Nelle Factory Rotterdam

On  1 December 2014  ,  the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science will organize  Culture in Picture 2014:  the  annual art and culture conference. With this year the theme  IN MOTION . 

Society is on the move. She transforms quickly and that affects everyone. Developments such as individualization, globalization and digitization create challenges of course. Art and culture help to understand these developments, but they also change themselves. What is the value of traditional structures? How does the role of the audience change? How do you respond to changes that you do not yet know?

These questions form the core of Cultuur in Beeld 2014.  Together with experts from inside and outside the art and culture sector, we look for answers, but perhaps also for other questions.



The components of the sub-program are divided into three themes: social connection, participating public and professional development.

Increasingly we see that the business community and civil society organizations – in for example the healthcare, welfare and sports sectors – seek to connect with art and culture and vice versa. Why does one look for this connection? What do these new connections provide for opportunities and insights? And how do social themes influence the connection between culture and other domains?

Every cultural institution has noticed in recent years that the position has changed in relation to the public. Questions that arise: how do you relate to your audience as an artistic institution? How do you know where your audience is? But also: to what extent is it possible to give the public a role in assessing subsidy applications from cultural institutions?

You are a cultural entrepreneur. How do you determine the mission, vision and strategy of your organization? And how do you turn this into action? How do you approach the public as a professional (new) audience? How do you connect different interests with each other in a network?