10 of the World’s top cultural enclaves:

Most of our travels are inspired by culture – we love going around places that mean something to us. Whether it’s art, literature, traditions, religion, history – we all have our own reasons to travel. In this post, we’ll be talking about the top 10 cultural enclaves across the world – so if culture is your reason go globe-trotting, this one’s for you!

  • HongKong:

    This is definitely the most mystical place on the planet. With a lot of stories coming from the olden times, Hongkong is definitely a perfect amalgamation of history and modernity. The art, the past, the stories all woven around mythical characters and fantasies still alive in Hongkong, making it one of the must-visit cultural enclaves in the world.

  • Ned kelly’s Bushranger trail, Australia:

    The notorious outlaw Ned Kelly is still spoken about in Australia, with this trail entirely dedicated to keeping his rebellious spirit alive. Quite a lot of films and books have been published with Ned Kelly as the inspiration, giving you ample reason to put this place on your list.

  • Open Art galleries, Rajasthan, India:

    These pictures speak a thousand words – the words of their ancestors and of the times gone by. And who wouldn’t love this indulgence of unsaid communication? Step into Rajasthan’s open art galleries and lose yourself in ancient times.

  • Medici of Florence:

    Full with palaces that are rich with the culture of the House of Medici, you have to visit this place if you want a taste of authentic history that is still well-preserved and alive through these immaculate structures.

Medici of Florence

  • Music in Havana:

    Home to all kinds of music, Havana is buzzing with musical activity all around the year. Make your stay here musical with the plethora of music Havana offers!

  • New York’s little Russia, Brighton Beach, New York:

    Visit mini Russia and get a taste of the splendid Ukranian and Russian culture at Brighton beach. The Russian culture still thrives here and is preserved in everything – right from food, to actual Russian speaking colorfully dressed characters!

  • Artisan Marrakesh, Morocco:

    Recently being christened as the artisan’s capital of Morocco, the city has a lot to showcase – traditional art infused with modernity courtesy a new breed of artisans that are thriving here, Marrakesh deserves a place in your bucket list!

  • The Turkish Community, Kreuzberg, Germany:

    Witness wild street art in Kreuzberg, which is home to a lot of Turkish immigrants and rockstar punks! And you have everything Turkish here – right from the food to the market, it’s like you’ve stepped into Turkey itself!

  • Ancient religion, Ethiopia:

    The Orthodox Christians are here, the place which was ruled by Queen Sheeba and where the Ethiopians believe the true Ark of the Covenant resides. Mythical, mystical with its share of suspense unfolding into history, Ethiopia is genuinely one place that you must explore!

  • Salman’s Bombay, Mumbai, India:

    Visit the place which Salman Rushdie has so ardently described in Midnight’s Children – the city that never sleeps – Bombay, which is now rechristened to Mumbai. A whole lot of rags to riches to witness, this city indeed has a captivating vibe that cannot be possibly replicated by any other city.