Nike Jonah & Hassan Mahamdallie

Arabica – Cultural research and the relation with the National Science Agenda (OCW)

Havana & Virginia – Find the vibe – in an art project for the elderly + elaboration posters

Redshank – A marriage of crowdfunding and culture loan?

Redshank – How do we increase the value of digital culture and digital heritage?

Redshank – The yield Scrooge

Piggelmee – To a new audience for symphony orchestras?

Piggelmee – From the old to the new: How traditional cultural organizations in the US are? + Text

Piggelmee – Cultural entrepreneurship in historic buildings?

Piggelmee – The figures passed: predicting entrepreneurial confidence in the arts

Team room – How does the sector itself think about diversity in supervision?

Office of Nelle 1 – Attract and bind young people

Office of Nelle 1 – Seriously gaming: From Facebook Friend to Friend for life

Office of Nelle 1 – “Innoversity”, the inseparable link between Innovation and Diversity

Office of Nelle 1 – Art and culture as a binder for Dutch and newcomers

Office of Nelle 2 – Innovation in the book trade – the inside out

Office of Nelle 2 – From Syria to safety in EYE

Thee 2.1 – Presentation Culture in Picture 2016 (OCW)

Tea 2.1 – Culture in urban regions: metropolitan region Amsterdam

Tea 2.2 – The connection between new techniques, a different public and new financiers.

Tea 2.2 – Working with freelancers after the VAR

Tea 2.3 – Getting started with the Code Cultural Diversity

Tea 2.3 – Basis for cultural education

Behind glass – Divers and binding programming

Behind glass – Volunteers: pillars among the museums

Behind glass – Cross-over as an opportunity (but no magic potion)

Behind glass – Festival Atlas 2015